Benefits of Membership

The sixty-seven firms participating in the BSIMM Project make up the BSIMM Community. A moderated private mailing list with over 200 members allows SSG leaders participating in the BSIMM to discuss solutions with others who face the same issues, discuss strategy with someone who has already addressed an issue, seek out mentors from those are farther along a career path, and band together to solve hard problems (e.g., forming a BSIMM mobile security working group).

The BSIMM Community also hosts an annual private Conference where up to three representatives from each firm gather together in an off-the-record forum to discuss software security initiatives. In Fall of 2012, 28 of 51 firms participated in the Third Annual BSIMM Community Conference in Galloway, New Jersey. In Spring of 2013, 10 of 15 firms with a presence in the E.U. participated in the Second Annual BSIMM Europe Community Conference in London, England. The BSIMM Europe Community will be hosting the official BSIMM-V Launch in Amsterdam on October 30, 2013. This year's BSIMM Community Conference will be hosted in Monterey, California November 18 - 20, 2014.

The Members section includes proceedings from the Conferences, working group data, and the results of mailing list initiated studies.

If you are interested in participating in the BSIMM project as we work towards BSIMM6, please contact us.